Pregnancy education & planning

Working together to understand how breastfeeding works and preparing you for parenting. We will go through what normal newborn behaviour is, how to position and attach your baby, how you will know your baby has had 'enough', what you can do to prepare for breastfeeding.

Hand expressing

This is a valuable skill for all mothers. We will go through the process step by step and this also includes antenatal hand expressing.

Haakaa pump education

Do you have the popular haakaa or silicone breast pump and dont know what to do with it? I will help you how, when and why to use this including haakaa hacks for problems in lactation

Position & attachment to the breast

This is the backbone of breastfeeding and often the root cause of lactation issues. We go through different positions to use that will allow for a deep attachment and an optimum breastfeeding experience

Nipple damage

This is one of the most common complaints with breastfeeding - often as a result of a shallow attachment. We will work through healing and treating the underlying cause of the damage.

Breastmilk supply issues

Whether an under or oversupply, I have techniques that will help for both. I have specific strategies for working with women who have a history of endocrine issues, breast reduction surgery, previous low supply that are all risk factors for breast milk supply issues,

Nipple shields

This is one of the most important reasons to see a lactation consultant. If you require or are thinking of using a nipple shield we have to make sure it is sized correctly and we take actions to prevent nipple damage, blocked ducts and mastitis

Expressing & storing breastmilk

Do you need or want to express breastmilk? There are many mums that express breast milk and exclusively bottle feed - I can help you do this with success. I will educate you on specific expressing strategies to meet your baby's needs


This is a natural and common occurrence when milk transitions in, engorgement can result from excess milk supply, fluid or venous engorgement.

Blocked Ducts

Another common occurrence that has to do with breastmilk drainage. This is a precursor to mastitis - please seek assistance with this to prevent infection. I will go through strategies to manage and resolve this now and for potential future occurrences


This is an infection in the breast tissue - some women can also get a form of infection in the nipple as a result of damage. I will help you resolve this and prevent future occurrence by addressing the underlying reason for it. Medical management is usually required with antibiotic therapy and sometimes hospitalisation is needed.


Another common issue with breastfeeding that can result from nipple damage and infection. Sometimes thrush and vasospasm can be confused. I will help you identify what is going on as there are differences in the two conditions as sometimes they can occur one after the other.


There are several reasons for vasospasm - We will identify the underlying cause and work on a plan for management and ongoing breastfeeding

Tongue tie

This an area I will help you identify and work toward a solution. I assist with position and attachment, sucking and tongue exercises and then referral if necessary. I will give you education and support throughout this process.

Breast reduction/augmentation

A breast reduction can cause issues with supply and any surgery can have issues with scar tissue that can affect breastfeeding. We will perform a full assessment and plan for your lactation experience.

Weight gain issues for babies

Is your baby on the low end of growth or loosing weight ? We will look closely at supply issues and create a plan to help your baby thrive!

Settling techniques

Did you know babies have one unsettled period a day and one unsettled day a week! We look at why this happens and what to do.

Partner support

What can you do to help with breastfeeding? DId you know that a baby takes anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes to breastfeed! There is so much more to breastfeeding other than suckling at the breast - we work on ways to have your involvement with this process because research shows that you are one of the main reasons that she will be successful at breastfeeding!

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